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Dr. Navin S. Arora, DO, FAAD

Board Certified Dermatologist

Bringing Health and Beauty to your skin

Get the care you deserve

Whether you are looking for a skin check, a second opinion, or a cosmetic consult, we are here to help. Borealis Dermatology is a comprehensive dermatology practice that is suited to treat you.  Our goal is to help solve your dermatologic issues in an efficient, caring manner. No endless appointments, rude front desk, or long waits. You come first.

Meet Dr. Navin S. Arora


Dr. Arora enjoys practicing the full spectrum of dermatology and the people that go with it.  He has undergone rigorous training and has extensive experience in a full range of medical, surgical and aesthetic procedures.  His non-invasive cosmetic procedures are designed to rejuvenate and enhance your natural appearance. We look forward to meeting and treating you.

Christina Tewfik

Christina Tewfik is a board certified Physician Assistant. She is a native New Yorker who graduated from New York Institute of Technology and subsequently moved on to Touro College Manhattan, earning a Masters in Physician Assistant Studies. Christina has medical, surgical and aesthetic dermatologic experience with all skin types throughout various clinics in the Upper East Side and Queens. Her sole practice focus has been in dermatology. 

Pamela Lachs

Pamela Lachs is a board-certified physician assistant at Borealis Dermatology. She is a native New Yorker, who graduated from SUNY Albany. She then went on to complete her physician assistant education at South University in Savannah, Georgia.

Proud, healthy skin

Our Services



The crux of dermatology. All rashes are not the same. It takes a well-trained and well experienced eye to make the right diagnosis.


You feel how you look. Let us help you look your best. From toxins to fillers to advanced laser treatments, we provide it.


From simple lumps and bumps to skin cancers. Our in office procedures are quick and effective


You're long overdue for a pampering. We have the best products and technology to give your skin the love it deserves.

Why Choose Us

Highly Trained

Dr. Arora has a diverse training background at the Federal level. This intense hands-on training from day one produced a strong foundation for success in patient care.

Broad Experience

Training is best used. Dr. Arora has performed care in diverse regions of the world, on all ages and skin types. He has seen much and will do his best to care for you.

Well Rated

Our patients are pleased. Experience it for yourself.


Our staff’s focus is you. No drama, no rudeness. You have taken time out your day and we appreciate it. We will make it worth your time.

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