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The Best Products For The Crepey Skin On Your Neck, According To Dermatologists

HuffPost The experts have spoken: thin, dry and wrinkly neck skin can be helped with these over-the-counter products.

By Tessa Flores | March 12, 2024

The experts have spoken: thin, dry and wrinkly neck skin can be helped with these over-the-counter products.

Most of us are familiar with crepe paper — that dry, finely wrinkled and fragile material you’ve probably seen at a birthday party or two. anks to a variety of factors like aging, weight loss and sun damage, skin can adopt a similar texture, especially on areas like the neck.

We corresponded with dermatologists who revealed that anyone wishing to regain a little more hydration, elasticity and smoothness in their neck skin can do so with products and ingredients that are widely available online.

According to Dr. Navin Arora, a board-certified dermatologist and founder of Borealis Dermatology in New York, once you do find the right product cocktail for you and your skin, consistency is key.

“Regular use of skin care products that target skin elasticity and hydration can not only minimize the appearance of existing crepey skin but also strengthen the skin barrier against environmental stressors,” he said.

In the list ahead, learn which products and ingredients that Arora, along with other skin experts, say you should consider adding to your daily routine. You’ll find antioxidant serums, plumping treatments and other crepe-fighting goods.

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A peptide and retinol neck complex

Dr. Navin Arora, a board-certified dermatologist and founder of Borealis Dermatology in New York, as well as Kung, suggested this neck-specific formula by SkinCeuticals, a clinical skin care brand that frequently comes with dermatologist’s stamp of approval for their effective formulas.

“[It’s] an amazing combination of retinol and peptides that is specifically formulated to tighten delicate neck skin,” Arora said of this daily cream that contains a 0.2% concentration of slow-release retinol, a time-honored ingredient that accelerates the skin’s cellular turnover rate, promoting collagen production. Hydrating seed oils are supplemented with a 5% glaucine complex, a plant-derived ingredient that can support skin’s natural resistance to premature aging.

A cream that targets three main neck skin concerns

According to Arora, the Techno Neck Perfecting Cream by Skinbetter Science is popular product that improves crepiness, dryness, sagging, laxity and texture in the skin of the neck and décolleté. “A key ingredient is heptapeptide-7, a targeted peptide that supports the skin’s collagen network,” he said.

The formula contains a smart combination of hydroxy acids and a uniquely formulated form of vitamin A that’s similar to retinol, but won’t cause excess irritation. You can also expect a whole host of ingredients that can improve the look and feel of skin from niacinamide, a faithful brightener, squalane, an emollient to help skin retain moisture and a targeted peptide to plump fine lines.

A derm-trusted tinted sunscreen

Both Kung and Arora stressed the importance of prevention when it comes to managing crepey skin, specifically when it comes to the damaging potential of the sun.

“Use sunscreen with zinc and titanium oxide,” Kung said. “UV exposure breaks down collagen and elastin in skin that help it stay tight and firm. Once these fibers break down, the skin can loosen, thin and wrinkle.”

Camp (along with several other dermatologists in the past) previously suggested this sunscreen from Elta MD, which according to him, can also shield skin from visible UV rays in overhead lighting because of its tinted formula.

The zinc oxide- and octinoxate-based formula features SPF 46 along with high-purity niacinamide, a well-known anti-inflammatory that reduces redness and helps to restore damaged skin.